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Black Sabbath - Changes 

Changes-Black Sabbath
Words and music by Frank Iommi, Terence Butler, William Ward, and John Osbourne

This is a very accurate tab for this song.

[Verse 1]

C Dm/C C Dm/C C Dm/C C
I feel unhappy, I feel so sad,
Dm/C C Dm C Dm/C C
I've lost the best friend, that I ever had She was my
Dm/C C Dm/C C Dm
woman I love her so. But it's too late now.
C Dm/C C
I've let her go.

[Chorus]play twice

F Em Dm
I'm go - ing through chang - es.

[Verse 2]

C Dm/C C Dm/C C Dm/C C
We shared the years, we shared each day
Dm/C C Dm C Dm/C C Dm/C
In love together we found a way, But soon the world
Dm/C C Dm C Dm/C C
Had it's evil way, My heart was blinded Love went astray.

[Repeat Chorus twice]

[Verse 3]

C Dm/C C Dm/C C Dm/C C Dm/C C
It took so long to realize And
Dm C Dm/C C Dm/C C
I can still hear her last goodbyes Now all my days Are
Dm/C C Dm C
filled with tears Wish I could go back And change these years
Dm/C C

[Play chorus twice]

Chords used
C Dm/C Dm F E

That's it! Enjoy!

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