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akords.org » B » Barrett Syd » Here I Go
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Barrett Syd - Here I Go  акорди

B F#
This is a story 'bout a girl that I knew
she didn't like my songs
and that made me feel blue
D# Db E
she said: "a big band is far better than you"...

Part I:

A D#11/A# Bm7 E
She don't rock 'n' roll, she don't like it
A D#11/A# Bm7 E
she don't do the stroll, well she don't do it right

A A7 D Dm
well, ev'rythings wrong and my patience was gone
when I woke one morning
and remembered this song

A D#11/A# Bm7 E
O-oh-oh, kinda catchy,
A D#11/A# Bm7 E
I hoped
A A7
that she would talk to me now
D Dm A
and even allow me to hold her hand
and forget that old band.

Part II:
D Dm A A7
I strolled around to her pad
D Dm A E
her light was off and that's bad
D Dm A F#
her sister said that my girl was gone
"But come inside, boy, and play, play, play me a song!"

Additional Lyrics:

(w/PART I)
I said "Yeah! Here I go"
She's kinda cute, don't you know?
That after a while of seeing her smile
I knew we could make it, make it in style!

So now I've got all I need
She and I are in love, we've agreed
she likes this song and my others too
so now you see my world is...
because of this tune!

(w/PART I)
What a boon this tune!
I tell you soon
We'll be lying in bed, happily wed,
and I won't think of that girl
or what she said...

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